Monday, January 6, 2014

What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

LifeCoaching is all the rage in the US. Doctors, lawyers, therapists and psychologists are getting in on the trend. There are training programs at varying levels that can make you into a LifeCoach.

The idea is basic yet it can be effective: focus on the future, hold people accountable and help then hold themselves accountable for what they say they want in life…and voila, you’re a coach. You can take this role when it comes to helping people with self-healthcare, emotional growth, job and wealth creation, etc.

So what is a spiritual LifeCoach?

The term can mean different things to different people. It is a commonly used description. Let me share with you how we occasionally use the term here at the SatoriWest LifeClub.

Spiritual may mean religious to some. Associated with some religion. That’s not how we use it.  We view the word, “spiritual” to mean “issues dealing with one’s existence.” In other words, your unique existence as you experience it. In essence, the fact that you exist and the meaning you give to it is not just the subject of other people’s understanding. That’s religion. When you can experience meaning in and appreciation for your own existence—directly and first-hand, right here and right now—that is what we mean by spiritual.

At the SatoriWest LifeClub, this level of self-awareness doesn’t happen by talking about it. It doesn’t happen by thinking about it. It doesn’t happen because you have the right philosophy or because you can imagine it and wish it were so. It is a skill.

More specifically than that, it is a brain skill that we teach. We divide that brain skill up into learnable chunks or exercises. We call this brain development process Inshifting. That’s how we take you to a place of “spiritual realization.” Realization of the enormity of your existence. Realization of how incomprehensibly (incomprehensible by words) rare and miraculous your existence is.

And one more thing. At the SatoriWest LifeClub, we believe that these Inshifting brain exercises are learned faster and easier (or even happen naturally on their own) when you practice life wellness in ways that promote them. So, by how you take care of your body or relate to your health, how you observe your own personality and relate to yourself, how you nurture your relationships and relate to others, how you approach success and relate to goals, etc. can foster your spiritual development or hinder it.

So, how does a spiritual LifeCoach help you?

At the SatoriWest LifeClub, your LifeCoach is a coach in many respects. They may help you focus on and hold yourself accountable for any number of goals you may set in many areas of wellness, including physical, mental, social, modern living, values-based and traditionally spiritual. Traditionally spiritual means things like doing Yoga or meditation or even setting goals in your religion. And our LifeCoaches can help you focus your intentions on mastering the Inshifting brain development exercises.

At its core, a SatoriWest “spiritual” LifeCoach is as interested in helping you focus on now as they are in helping you focus on the future. The awareness and appreciation, the perspective and meaning of your existence right now is of paramount importance to them. As is should be of yours, if you want to learn to live life to its fullest. 

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